The Scorpion

In 2014-15, I made a series of Farsi/moon images based on chapter six of The Scorpion, Hossein Mortezaeian Abkenar’s oneiric novel of 2006.  In this chapter, the moon is a character, along with a soldier, a book, a silent visitor, a scorpion, and the night itself.  I printed Hossein’s handwritten Farsi text in combination with 19th century images of the moon (daguerreotypes taken through telescopes at night).  The darkness of cyanotype is paired with the luminosity of gum bichromate, which I pigmented with wood ashes, clay, and crushed rose petals (rather than watercolor pigments traditionally used).  Hossein’s text – like the moon in chapter six – drifts in and out of legibility.